About Us (this one)


TJD Silver has over 1300 high-quality products in their range. They are constantly adding new items to make sure their range is fresh and well represents the Australian market. They specialize in Chains, Religious Jewellery and also have a large Men’s range (Silver, Leather and also Stainless Steel). Best of all, all of their Silver is Rhodium Plated saving their customers a lot of wasted time and labour polishing tarnished silver. This also keeps the products looking brand new. They currently supply over 350 Independent Jewellers across Australia and New Zealand and are also one of the preferred suppliers with the Leading Edge and Nationwide buying groups.

  • Australian Based: Based out of Sydney we supply Australia wide while offering personal support to our Retailers.  We are always available by phone and messaging apps to answer your inquiries or concerns.
  • Research: The knowledgeable duo at TJD travel the world to keep abreast of the latest trends and styles, to ensure you also have this access. We have also expanded into hot selling cubic zirconia jewellery and fine men’s leather accessories to great success.
  • Prices: Partnering with world leading producers, we have negotiated bulk purchases that allow us to offer unprecedented price points for the finest quality pieces.
  • Rhodium: All of our sterling silver jewellery is rhodium plated—a process that keeps it looking shiny long after standard sterling silver has tarnished and become dull.
  • New Designs:  We usually add over 400 designs a year to our inventory dropping and clearing styles that don’t perform well. This makes it more exciting for us and also for you as you don’t have to continually be seeing the same old designs every time we visit. This also means the same products are not circulating in every shop and you will have unique items when stocking our range.
  • Long Term: We hope to hear from you and begin or continue a great partnership, we are here for the long term and would love to be there along side you.

Warmest Regards,
TJD Silver
Ph No. 0400 272 365