About Our Chains

As the self-confessed leader of premium Italian rhodium-plated sterling silver chains, our sales policy is “dare to compare”. The only pitch we make is to compare our quality and pricing to what you carry or offer now. We are the little guys who give you individualised customer service, but also with the buying power and connections to give you the best possible pricing.

When you want to brand your establishment as a quality location—as you are already aware, your reputation is established and confirmed by the quality lines that you offer. When you offer Italian rhodium plated silver chains, you set a precedent. Unsurpassed quality and a fabulous selection. Cheap silver chain is sold in every shop, but quality merchandise is as easily identifiable as a real Louis Vuitton from a fake.

Finally a Category in Between Plain Silver and Gold…

Consumers would love to jump from Sterling silver to White Gold or Platinum but more often than not, their budget doesn’t allow it. Rhodium plating virtually replicates or surpasses the sheen and look without the price. If you are sceptical, present a customer with a selection of all three with an identical link and do a survey. You will quickly realize that the sizzle sells the steak. Our chains outshine almost anything in that price range in the market.

“I have seen this first hand when in a customer’s shop. A customer walks into the shop asking for a silver chain (maybe the 3rd shop they have been into that day) The sales person shows them a standard silver chain and then shows them one of ours. Our anti-tarnishing rhodium plated chain wins every time. Why wouldn’t it? 

We, at TJD Silver, are the largest supplier of the rhodium-plated chains in Australia. These Italian chains are the best on the market and we offer many different designs. Our top 5, in popularity, include Curb, Figaro, Box, Belcher and Trace. These are must-haves in inventory but we also offer a huge selection of other exciting and exclusive links.

Why Italian?

Italian silver chains have been established as an industry leader and have a higher direct sale and resale values. They are internationally recognized as the best-made chains on the planet. The Italians have the best facility’s and also the most experienced in the field. You customer will always be happy with their selection. There is no better advertising than a satisfied customer.

Is it Really Italian?

Our close relationships in the industry allow us to pair leading Italian sterling silver chain manufacturers with exclusive high-tech rhodium plating specialists. Our chain looks the best and performs extremely well under the stress of day to day living. All work and Labour is finished in Italy unlike a lot of other chains on the market that are finished in countries with cheaper labour using an inferior rhodium plating process.

Why Rhodium?

Rhodium costs about the same price as pure gold. This is why it maintains its’ illustrious shine and doesn’t tarnish. Our suppliers, state of the art, rhodium plating factory guarantees that you get genuine rhodium plating that is regulated and certified. They are certified ISO 14001 and not only care about producing the finest rhodium-plated sterling silver chain but are equally concerned with the environment and their employees.

If you want to stand, head and shoulders, above all others, we invite you to allow us to showcase our product line and allow you to “dare to compare”. We are confident that you, as an astute business person and jewellery lover, will realize it is a “no brainer”.

Warmest Regards,
TJD Silver