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About Our Chains

As the self-confessed leader of premium Italian rhodium-plated sterling silver chains, our sales policy is “dare to compare”. The only pitch we make is to compare our quality and pricing to what you carry or offer now. We are the little guys who give you individualised customer service, but also with the buying power and connections to give you the best possible pricing.

When you want to brand your establishment as a quality location—as you are already aware, your reputation is established and confirmed by the quality lines that you offer. When you offer Italian rhodium plated silver chains, you set a precedent. Unsurpassed quality and a fabulous selection. Low-quality silver chain is sold in every shop, but quality merchandise is as easily identifiable as a real Louis Vuitton from a fake.

Why Italian?

Italian silver chains have been established as an industry leader and have higher direct sale and resale values. They are internationally recognized as the best-made chains on the planet. The Italians have the best facility’s and are also the most experienced in the field. Also, they don’t only care about producing the finest rhodium-plated sterling silver chains but are equally concerned with the environment and their employees.

Why Rhodium?

Rhodium now costs about 10 times the price as gold. When you look at white gold, you are looking at rhodium plating. It maintains its’ illustrious shine and doesn’t tarnish. Our supplier’s state of the art rhodium plating factory guarantees that you get genuine rhodium plating that is regulated and certified.

If you want to stand, head and shoulders, above all others, we invite you to allow us to showcase our product line and allow you to “dare to compare”. We are confident that you, as an astute business person and jewellery lover, will be satisfied.


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